To develop and continuously upgrade institutional effectiveness so that SZABIST is recognized amongst the finest universities of the world.


Institutional Research/Quality Enhancement Cell at SZABIST is created to foster Institutional Effectiveness (IE) to support research, planning, policy formation, streamlining processes, decision making and critical academic initiatives of strategic importance to the institute in all core departments across the five campuses of SZABIST.


Institutional Research/Quality Enhancement Cell supports the institution to improve informed campus decision-making and planning in educational institutes’ core departments.
IR/QEC supports institute-wide strategic planning; manages and coordinates the majority of campus survey development and research and provides reports on management information and policy analysis.
IR/QEC officials collect, analyze, report, and warehouse quantitative and qualitative data about the institution's students, faculty, staff, curriculum, course offerings, and learning outcomes. They are involved in collecting and reporting information to Government bodies, to the public, and various stakeholders.
The department has to provide an absolutely unbiased judgment by providing an open forum, easy access and clear assessment criterion. Hence, it works in isolation from all core departments. IR/QEC’s subsequent intention is to link the academic, administration and social community together in order to achieve an environment of mutual trust and academic freedom.

1. Documenting SZABIST’s mission.
2. Streamline QEC processes across campuses.
3. Documenting the mission and objectives of each academic program offered by SZABIST.
4. To strengthen the academic programs and ensure its’ integrity with qualitative and quantitative analysis.
5. To measure learning outcomes with the undertaken learning objectives and the degree to which these objectives were achieved.
6. Documenting the mission and objectives of each non-academic unit of SZABIST.
7. To report to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) as and when required. 8. To ensure compliance of HEC guideline by SZABIST.